Q. What is Pfeiffer Day?

Pfeiffer Day is an annual, daylong fundraising event that typically takes place in the spring. For 24 hours, Falcons come together to support Pfeiffer: creating student opportunities, paying it forward through scholarship support, and making a difference for virtually all areas of campus.

Q. Where can I give to make the most impact?

Every gift makes a difference. Just give to what you love!

Q. Is there a minimum gift amount?

For gifts processed online, the minimum gift is $10.

Q. I can’t make a big gift. Does my support really matter?

Yes! Pfeiffer has needs all across the University, and every gift, no matter the size, helps us do more for our students. You might consider setting up a recurring gift so that you can give a monthly amount that is comfortable for you. A recurring gift of just $25 a month will grow to $300 over a year!

Q. What is a recurring gift?

As a recurring gift donor, you agree to repeat the same monthly gift, for as long as you choose. You can set your gift to continue monthly for one or more years, or you can continue it indefinitely, until you instruct us to discontinue. You do not give a total amount upfront.  

Q. What is the Freddie Cup?

The Freddie Cup is a special recognition that is awarded to the class with the highest Pfeiffer Day participation rate. The Freddie Cup will be awarded during Homecoming weekend, on Oct. 19.  All Pfeiffer Day gifts count toward the participation total, whether received by mail or online. Because the Freddie Cup is based on Pfeiffer Day results, only gifts made for Pfeiffer Day count toward the total. New pledges count, but pledge payments for existing commitments do not count for the Freddie Cup.

Q. Are there special challenges?

Yes. Check the “Matches” and “Challenges” sections of this campaign website for the most up-to-date information. You can also offer your own challenge or match to encourage your classmates!

Q. How do I make my gift?

Make your gift before midnight on March 22 to Count for the Cup!

You may make your gift online, by phone at 704-463-3034, or by mail. To give by mail, send your check, made payable to Pfeiffer University, to: 

Pfeiffer University

Attn: Pfeiffer Day

PO Box 960

Misenheimer, NC 28109

Q. Is my Pfeiffer Day gift tax-deductible?

Yes, your gift is tax-deductible and will help support the amazing Pfeiffer students, faculty and staff who make Pfeiffer . . . well, Pfeiffer. 

Q.  Do pledge payments count toward Pfeiffer Day totals?

Thank you for your past pledge. We appreciate your continued support! Pfeiffer Day goals focus on new gifts and commitments inspired by the day and totals do not include pledge payments. If you would like to make an additional gift for Pfeiffer Day, it will not count toward your existing pledge.

Q. If I make a new pledge commitment on Pfeiffer Day, does it count toward the leaderboard totals?

If you make a new pledge, the entirety of your new pledge commitment will count in Pfeiffer Day totals. 

Q. Can I make a gift of stock?

Yes. As making a gift of securities can take some time, though, consider making a Pfeiffer Day pledge commitment that will be counted toward your class's participation and then paying the pledge with a transfer of securities. Contact Pfeiffer at advance@pfeiffer.edu or (704) 463-3034 for more details.

Q. Who do I contact with additional questions?

Email any additional questions to advance@pfeiffer.edu or call 704-463-3034.